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About Dina

I've been a single career woman and married career woman; a stay-at-home mom and an entrepreneur/working mom; a child of aging parents and a child without parents; a mom to healthy boys and a mom with a seriously ill son; and I have searched for fulfillment and I have found creative outlets to revitalize my spirit.  In short, I've served many roles in life - some more easily than others. 

My struggles, I kept to myself.  I thought I had to have all the answers and solve my own problems.  Had I found someone who had walked the walk already and knew some helpful tips, I would have found my way a lot faster.

My background is as a writer/communications professional with over 30 years in the financial industry.  I drew upon my early experiences (when I felt like an outsider to the financial industry) and created  Real$martica to make personal finance issues easy-to-understand and to dispel the confusion and embarrassment many feel about their financial IQ. I also wanted to help others look out for their interests so that they could sidestep expensive and inappropriate investment "opportunities."

An investment advisor representative at Ritholtz Wealth Management, I have worked to build financial plans for clients and to educate teachers about their retirement plans.  I have been featured on MarketWatch.com403bwise.com and am a co-host of the podcast Planning to Teach and Retire Rich

When I'm not working, podcasting or blogging, I enjoy cooking for my husband and sons, writing fiction, learning guitar, and serving on Stony Brook Children's Hospital Family Advisory Council.